Multitask 2

Multitask 2

About the Game, Awesome Multitask 2 Sequel by IcyLime

Whether you’re looking for multitasking test or just insanely difficult flash game, Multitask 2 I what you need! Second part of the craziest skill game by Icy Lime, now with improved controls, balanced gameplay and even harder and interesting tasks. Remember Multitask 1? Too much routine and ability to cheat and submit the cheated video. Now all that’s been fixed in Multitask 2: even if you ask friends for help and record the game, it is highly unlikely you’ll get the same order of tasks, so basically getting help now is useless. Set aside all the worries and ambitions, and simply enjoy the awesome game, invite friends to challenge them and see who’s doing better at multitasking.

What’s New in Multitask 2?

New Tasks, Obstacles, and Annoyances and some “moar” stuff

Well, not to worry, there’s gonna be no more stages, 4 is hard enough for people or least used to be to last 4-5 seconds in it, 5 tasks would be impossible for normal humans to handle. Now, not going to spoil about new tasks but there is one thing you need to be aware of: One of the new tasks in which player controls a half-circle can be confusing, so instead of trying to avoid the object moving onto you entirely, just turn the half circle so that the object goes through the circle gap. That’s all you have to do in this task. Most people try to avoid it completely by rotating the circle twice, to let the object in and out, which is not humanly possible.  Just keep in mind, this is one of the hardest skill games out there, not exactly a papa’s freezeria cooking game so, it’ll take some time to learn how to play and adapt to it. Good luck.

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